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HGP-05A Gear Pumps (HGP-05A) Features HGP-1A Gear Pump function well under hightemperature with Viton’s seal. It can also run under high pressure with the oilless bearing design. Model Definition HGP-05A -F -08 R X Series Installation Type Displacement (cc/rev) Input Rotation Input Shaft HGP-05A Gear Pump F: Flange Mounting L: Foot Mounting 03:0.35 05:0.56 08:0.85 11:1.13 R: Clockwise L: Anti-clockwise X: Straight Keyed Specification Model Displacement (cc/rev) Pressure (bar) Speed (RPM) Port Size (inch) Weight (kg) Rated Max. In Out HGP-05A-*03* 0.35 210 250 800~3500 Rate:1800 1/8” 1/8” 0.40 HGP-05A-*03* 0.56 0.42 HGP-05A-*08* 0.85 1/4” 1/4” 0.43 HGP-05A-*11* 1.13 0.44
Pressure controlled valves manufacturers offer a wide selection oftop-tier products. Remote Control /Direct Type Relief Valve(DT/DG)Feature:1. Remote Control series are usually seen on remotecontrol and multi-level pressure controls.2. Direct Type Relief valves can be used in a hydrauliccircuit to prevent damage due to over pressure and to adjust the maximumcircuit pressure of small capacity.Model Definition D G -01 -3 Model Series Installation Type Valve Size (inch) Pressure Adj. Range (MPa) Remote Control Relief Valve G:Sub-Plate Mounting T:Threaded Connection 01:1/8” 1:1–7 2:3.5–14 3:7–21 Direct Type Relief Valve 02:1/4” 1:1–7 3:7–21 Specification Model Max. Operating Pressure (MPa) Pressure Adj. Range (MPa) Max. Flow (L/min) Remote Control D※-01-1 25 1–7 2 D※-01-2 3.5–14 D※-01-3 7–21 Direct Type D※-02-1 25 1–7 16 D※-02-3 7–21
Solenoid Operated Directional Valve (DSW) Feature: 1.Manufacturedwith brand new CNC minute lathewith precise specification. The spool is designed with no right angle in orderto reduce the cutting edge, or sliding block problem while the pressure is high. 2.Interior resistance function increases severely. 3.Back pressure endurance increases severely. 4.Wet type solenoid design with stable action and low noise. 5.The coil is made integrally, and good in waterproof,dissipating heat and high temperature tolerated. 6.Installation follows international dimension regulation. 7.Attached with neon light for operating direction. 8.DIN Type plug-in connection has directional pilot at bothsides. Model Definition: DSW -02 -3C2 -D -AC110V Model Series Valve Size (inch) Spool Type Electrical Conduit Connection Coil Type Solenoid Operated Directional Valve 02:1/4” 03:3/8” Please Refer to Spool Type Table B: Terminal Box Type D: Plug-In Connector Type AC110V AC220V DC12V DC24V RF110V RF220V Specification: Model Max. Flow (L/min) Max. Operating Pressure (MPa) Max. Back Pressure (MPa) Max. Changeover Frequency (Times/min) DSW-02 60 35 7~16 240 DSW-03 100 Voltage/Current Alternating Current Direct Current Radio Frequency Rated Vo

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